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What are Axial Fans Used For

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What are Axial Fans Used For

Two main types of fans, centrifugal fans and axial fans exist. To assist clarify this misconception, the fan kinds, their advantages and purposes are mentioned as follows. A centrifugal fan is somewhat different in design and function from an axial fan. Their peculiarities make them suitable for various applications and often confusing to consumers what type of fan is most suitable for their needs.

Characteristics of Centrifugal Fans

In 1832 Lieutenant General Alexander Sablukov from Russia‘s Imperial Russian Armed Forces, military engineer, created the centrifugal fan. Centrifugal fans sometimes referred to as blowers vary from axial fans. A fan wheel, a number of blades on a circular hub, increases the pressure of an incoming airstream. Centrifugal fans move the air radially - from the air input direction the direction of the outward flowing air is generally altered by 90°.

Centrifugal ventilators generate airflow through a series of conduits or pipes. It contributes to a higher airflow pressure than an axial fan. Centrifugal fans generate a steadier air flow than axial fans despite a lower flow rate. These fans need a larger input of electricity as well.

Characteristics of Axial Fans

In the middle ages the axial fans date back to Europe‘s horizontal windmills. Initiated in the 1880s, the earliest electrically driven fans were axial fans. The direction of airflow that they generate is the reason behind the name axial fans. Blades revolving around an axis pull the air to the same axis and force the air out. Axial fans generate high flow airflow, thereby generating a huge airflow volume. The airflows they produce, however, are modest. For functioning, they require a modest power input.

They may be classified according to how the flow is restricted into three broad classifications:

· Ducted Fan: A ducted fan encourages the air to flow through the conduit into and off the rotor in a nearly axial direction.

· Ring Mounted Fan: Air transfers from one reasonably wide airspace to the next in diaphragm or ring fans.

· Circular Fan: A circular fan works in unlimited space, when the impeller rotates freely. The stone or ceiling fans may be examples.

Axial flow fans, as its name indicates, pull the air and blow in the fan axis. The produced airflow would have no centrifugal impact. Guides or stator valves can smooth out and enhance airflow efficiency. An axial fan is generally suited for a greater flux rate, with relatively modest pressure gain, and for a relatively small flow rate and big pressure increase with a centrifugal fan. They provide fresh air, sweep air out of the air trenches, sweep air from rotating filters, exhaust air out of the air, etc. The size and materials of the fan are selected according to the function and quantity of air handled.

Applications of Axial Fans

Due to their low-pressure high-volume airflows, axial fans are best suited for common uses. Excellence, for example, lets you move air from one place to another, cool restricted places like laptops and cool bigger spaces like work spaces.

AC Axial Fans

An electrically efficient standard AC model with maximum speed of 100 watts. AC fans, like solar panels or batteries, can be directly linked to a DC power source. Because a steady flow of cooling power is the final objective in devices such as selling machines, an AC fan is the rather logical choice.

DC Axial Fans

DC axial ventilators are widely utilized for electric machinery and equipment refrigeration in different sectors. These axial flow fans are robust and are utilized in many applications, small and big. These DC fans are suitable for industrial, commercial and OEM applications. These fans may be offered in several diameters from 25mm to 172mm in terms of performance, material and functionality. High-performance and very silent, low, medium and high-speed DC brushless fans are available in the market.

Axial Fans and the Computer Industry

Sales and refreshment executives are currently striving to make their services excited for the next generation. The industry finds fresh and interesting ways to grab their attention as the new cool population gets connected to their technology. Cashless payment alternatives, touch displays and payment options for cellular telephones all become part of the sales machine design. The participation of companies like as Intel® and Cisco Systems® implies that the distributor is now becoming more and more in common with the computer.

Now, like any computer in your business, overheating is a bigger problem, because all this technology is part of modern designs. You might observe a reduction in performance owing to heat with demanding technical features. AC fans are a good alternative to keep these components cooled the proper way. In vending machines Axial AC fans are widely utilized to offer refrigeration when the lock area is restricted.


SHENZHEN YUNFAN POWER CO. is primarily focused on the design and production of;

· DC brush-less fans

· AC axial fans

· Blower fans

· EC axial fans

· Metal protection guard grills

· Other fan related cooling products


Production at Yun-Fan

We produce AC/DC Fan products. Our customers benefit form Yun-Fan products. We pride ourselves with making close cooperation with our customers, maintaining good relations, and proving value to our customers.

Yun-Fan Policy

The company adheres to:

"Honesty in doing business, cooperation with stakeholders, a win-win approach, focus on environmental protection and most importantly no compromise over quality."

As our core business concept we get the affirmation of the partners and keep them in loop and work hard to establish a good reputation in the market.

Uses of Yun-Fan

Our products are mainly used in smart home appliances, popular electronic products, IT, sports equipment, ventilation systems, power supply, medical equipment, machinery and other equipment. Our fans have large air volume, high static pressure, long life and low noise.

Research and Development

At the same time, we are focusing on new developments;

Green energy saving fans, high performance waterproof fans, dust-proof fans, high temperature resistant fans, corrosion resistant fans, and many other characteristics and strong competitive fan products.

Functionality of Yun-Fan Products

The functions of our products include:

· Lock function

· FG square wave signal output

· RD alarm output

· PWM speed regulation function

· Speed regulation

· Linear temperature control and speed control

· Fixed point speed regulation

· Positive and negative turn

Through technical strength, innovative products, and many years of export experience, we serve our customers worldwide. We have exported our products to more than 50 countries and regions. At the same time we are a member of the Alibaba trade guarantee.

Our Vision

We strictly check the quality of our products. and all products have a guarantee of 1 or more years.

For more information, please check our website www.yunfanpower.com or contact our salesperson 0755-32925935 or info@yunfanpower.com.

Our Products

Following are the pictures of some of our products;


For best quality and low price products visit Yun-Fan website or get in contact with us to get a better knowledge of our products and discuss your needs. Yun-Fan is the best place for axial fans on the market right now.