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what is your idea to find the best fan supplier?

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what is your idea to find the best fan supplier?


There are hundreds of fan products on the market that look almost the same, making the decision incredibly difficult. However, the best fan suppliers are knowledgeable about the products and can help you order just the right amount of the highest demand products. In this article, we will help you choose the best fan supplier.


Main challenges in international buyer-seller partnerships



China is one of the most avid IT exporters of hardware devices and accessories in the world, and due to innovation and continuous research and development, quality is catching up with the quantity. The data chart above shows which countries China exports the most hardware to.


One of the biggest challenges of IT hardware retail companies is to find the right partners both in manufacturing and distribution. The sad experience is that these partnerships are often ad-hoc, short term, due to the following issues:


● Partners are located in faraway countries.

● Partners don’t speak each other’s language.

● The two companies operate in different regulatory environments.

● Huge differences in time zones.

● Design, manufacturing, and distribution are separated, making it even more difficult for buyers to retain control over the produced hardware.


What do the best fan suppliers offer in terms of design?


The best fan suppliers have design and other services under one roof to provide buyers with a 360-degree overview and guarantee.


To ensure a smooth hardware design, the supplier must have all the necessary information. A typical request from customers is to customize existing hardware devices. This will speed up the process significantly, especially if the supplier is already marketing the product.


The best suppliers have the following:

● International references

● Certificates available in English

● English-language website

● Names and qualifications of team members are available on the website

● Contact information


Manufacturing and distribution at its best


The best fan suppliers offer design, manufacturing, and distribution as a complete process under a single company’s supervision, which is crucial for quality management and to enable performance on time.


The most popular fan hardware products are:

● Axial fan

● DC brushless fan

● AC 110V or 220V fan

● blower fan

● EC axial fan

● metal protection guard grill


In 2021, it is natural for customers to tour the production environment and manufacturing processes in advance and meet with leading supplier designers, engineers, and sales representatives.


Similar to overseas design services, the best suppliers will have internationally recognized certificates and licenses for production processes, and the expertise and experience to produce hardware that works flawlessly and delivers outstanding performance.


What Shenzhen Yunfan Power Co. Ltd. offers to its customers?


The company specializes in DC brushless fans, AC axial fans, blower fans, EC axial fans, metal guards, and other fan-related cooling products. Customers benefit from Yun-Fan products due to constant tracking of the orders, strong quality assurance, and English language customer support. In addition to the offered 1-year guarantee, ISO, ROSH, and CE certificates ensure the high quality of the production.


Products manufactured by Yunfan are used in smart homes, popular electronic devices, IT, sports equipment, ventilation equipment, power supplies, and medical equipment.


There are 80 employees at the company, enabling them to produce between 500,000 and 800,000 fans monthly. The manufactured fans have large air volume, high static pressure, long service life, and low noise advantages. In addition to water and dust-proof fans and high-temperature-resistant hardware, Shenzhen Yunfan also invests heavily in new corrosion-resistant technologies. More than 50 countries in the world benefit from the company‘s technical strength, innovative products, and years of export experience.


Please do not hesitate to send us a message from our website if you have any questions about Shenzhen Yunfan products, processes, or would like to schedule an in-person meeting. 

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