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the price of dc cooling fan

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Price of DC cooling fan

The main performance of the fan is reflected in the following aspects: speed, blade shape, blade angle and bearing system. Generally, the speed of the fan is indicated on the manual of the cooling fan. Generally speaking, 30% of the cooling effect depends on the speed of the fan. But the higher the fan speed, the better. The correct fan speed should be determined according to the heating capacity of the product, and the selection of fan speed of different specifications should be distinguished. The basic principle is: on the premise of producing the same air volume, the larger the fan, the lower the speed and the lower the noise.

How to choose a good DC fan?

1. Bearing selection: the bearings of DC fan are generally divided into two types: one is ball bearing; The other is sleeve bearing. The difference between the two is that the ball bearing cooling fan has long service life and low noise, but the price is expensive.
The service life of oil bearing is generally 1 / 3 shorter than that of ball bearing. Some noise may be generated after using for a period of time (more than one year), but the price is cheap.

2. Choose from the appearance: from the external surface, it should be a thick and pure color, and the edge of the frame leaf should be free of burrs. Look at the thickness of the fan-shaped blade (this is very important because it is too thin and easy to break), and there will be little deformation when you pinch the outer frame by hand.

3. Hear the sound of wind (some of them may have electromagnetic sound when running at high speed). If there are other abnormal sounds, it means that their quality is not very good.
The voltage of DC cooling fan is generally 24V (also 5V, 12V, 36V and 48V), but some customers have special requirements for products. Set the voltage of cooling fan lower at low temperature. When the voltage is low, the speed of cooling fan will be slower and quieter.

In order to design three different levels of air volume, some customers have designed three different voltages lower than 24V, so that the cooling fan working within the rated voltage range will not be damaged for a long time. As long as it can ensure the normal operation under low voltage and the normal start and operation of general 12V fan, there is no problem.

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