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Features and advantages of EC fan

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Features and advantages of EC fan 

1. Large air volume:

EC fan | EC cooling fan breaks through the frequency limitation of traditional AC fans, which can greatly increase the fan speed, and the miniaturized motor design increases the air outlet area. After the above optimization, the air volume ratio of the EC fan The same type of AC hood fan is 1.5-3 times larger.


2. Low energy consumption:

The use of AC frequency conversion technology can greatly improve efficiency and reduce power consumption. For fans of the same size, the energy consumption is only one third of ordinary hood-level AC fans. In today‘s advocacy of low-carbon and environmental protection, in line with the global trend of energy saving and emission reduction, in 2015 the European Union will completely ban the purchase of low-efficiency shroud-level motors. The EC series fans are as efficient as DC brushless fans and can be used in Europe and the United States. . (In addition: EC AC frequency conversion series fans are equivalent to "DC brushless fan" plus "DC power supply", which saves the cost of purchasing DC power supply. Direct use can immediately reduce costs.)


3. Long life:


EC fan | EC cooling fan reduces the bearing wear during operation through the lightweight design of the motor rotor part, and through the optimization of the drive mode and winding, the operating temperature rise and the lock temperature rise are greatly reduced, and the L10 lifespan More than 50% of ordinary AC fans.

4. Environmental protection festivals:


Full-voltage/EC fan EC cooling fan can operate normally in the range of 90V~260V, adapt to the global voltage, and is not affected by the difference of power grids in different regions. One fan can be used globally.

Lightweight/EC fan EC cooling fan adopts AC variable frequency drive mode, which reduces the traditional design of a large number of silicon steel sheets, and because the operating temperature rise is very low, the PBT frame can be used, which greatly reduces the weight of a single product.


The most commonly used is 12038 EC 220V 5-6W 3000rpm, which is affordable and top quality.

The hottest product in 2020-2021.


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